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Staffordshire Bull Terriers in The Netherlands

The early days

One of the first articles on the Staffordshire Bull Terrier in the Netherlands can be found in an article published in a dogmagazine called “De Hondenwereld” and goes back to february 1958 when Mr. K. Van der Bend writes about the breed and expreses his desire that his article will make more people in the Netherlands enthusiastic about the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. For this purpose he also will show his Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Springrise Anchor at dogshows, Mr van der Bend also mentions another Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Lontonion Active owned by Mr. G. van Gaasbeek. It’s not know if this Staffordshire Bull Terriers produced any offspring. Till the beginning of the seventies there were usually some Staffordshire Bull Terriers registered at the Dutch Kennelclub. Usually these dogs were owned by people who got interested in the breed after visiting Great Britain , but those people weren’t interested in showing or breeding.

This situation continues till the beginning of the seventies .

The seventies

At the Amsterdam Winnershow 1971 a Staffordshire Bull Terrier bitch who was imported from Great Britain was entered by the late Mrs. Annigje Schneider-Louter, a judge who also imported the first Lhasa Apso to the Netherlands. Mr. Arie van Herpen, who played a very important role in founding the Dutch Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club, discovered in the catalogue of the Winner that a Staffordshire Bull Terrier was entered, he didn’t see her on the day as he didn’t visit the Winner on the terrierday. But that didn’t keep him from contacting Mrs. Schneider-Louter and together with Mr Nicolai Grishkov he visited her. This visit had far reaching consequences. Mr. Van Herpen had been fascinated by the Staffordshire Bull Terrier after having seen a photo of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier called “Fearless Red of Bandits” as he wrote later: “it was the first Staffordshire Bull Terrier photo he ever saw, even after having seen thousands in real live, having bred over 200 and owning 20 Staffordshire Bull Terriers, I find it one of the best, most typical Stafford photo”. His visit with Nicolai Grishkov to mrs. Schneider-Louter really started of his involvement in Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

Mrs. Schneider-Louter at that time had made contacts for importing a dog to the Netherlands, the negotiations in regard to this matter where taken over by mr van Herpen. Some visits where made to Great Britain and in the summer of 1971 he went to Mrs. Lacey who lived in Doddiscombleigh to get a dog for Mr Grishov, this dog called “Martyrs Dutch Joe” did win quiet some CAC’s and Amsterdam Winner titles. Mr. Van Herpen started breeding Staffordshire Bull Terriers under the prefix “Melmar’s”. Sevenoaks Slenkge came in owner ship of Mr van Herpen and she and Martyrs Dutch Joe produced the first Dutch Staffordshire Bull Terrier champion “Melmar’s Admiral Avalanche” petname Jim. In 1972 Arie van Herpen exhibits Sevenoaks Slenkge and Nico Grishkov exhibits Martyrs Dutch Joe at the Amsterdam Winner, later he wrote about that day,..”Two Staffords and at least five interested people, a real highlight!”

4 May 1975 the Dutch Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club was founded on the attick of a hairdressersschool, in the beginning there were more members, 53, than Staffordshire Bull Terriers. The first clubshow was organised in 1976 and had 31 entries, judging was Mr. Ron Servat, best of breed that day was Melmar’s Crafty Croaker Jw W’75 owned by Mr. L. Hendrik. 

The first championship show was a fact in 1977 and was judged by Mrs. Roma Williams. Her best in show she found in a bitch called Warmaid of Weneva. She did write in her critique on the day: “My overall impression of your stock is that it could be very high if you were not spoiling yourselves. You have a basis of good bone and esceedlingly good heads, on the whole good mouths, soundness of construction and right temperament, but you’re neglecting the fact that the dog is bull-and-terrier and in many cases you’re deliberately running the Bull out of your animals”. Mrs Williams was quite right about that as the committee in those days had a very clear vision of what they thought what a Staffordshire Bull Terrier should look like It became a type of its own and very typical dutch,...

The eighties.

The committee that founded the Staffordshire Bull Terrier during the seventies also was a very close group, not only a committee but also a group of friends,.. having its advantages and disadvantages. What they also shared was their view that the dutch Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club had to make sure that a historical right view of the breed was to be preserved. For this purpose they wrote to the English breedclubs in the early eighties expressing the clubs conncern that the U.K. breeders and judges were moving into a wrong direction. Sometimes the commitee felt they were having a battle they couldn’t win when a foreign judge didn’t “agree” with what the commitee and the dutch Stafford fanciers thought was the right type of Staffordshire Bull Terrier. A vision that had started in the seventies,..

The popularity of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier still keeps growing and more and more breeders and kennels appear. None being so influential as Melmar’s was during the seventies and also in this decade. Not only in the showring but also as breedingstock this kennel puts its mark on the breed in the Netherlands during this decade.

Dogs of this era that should be mentioned are Ch. Melmar’s Clever Boy Lewis owned by Mrs. M.A.E.S. Kunst te Kolste, he was the Top Stafford for 1985 & 1986 & 1987, and gained the German, VDH, Belgian, Luxembourgh, France and Dutch title, till this date he’s the Dutch Staffordshire Bull Terrier with the most national championtitle to his name. Lewis as his petname was, was owned by Mrs. M.A.E.S. Kunst-te Kolste. Another dog that must be mentioned from this decade is Bruto, being the first Staffordshire Bull Terrier won did some winning in the terriergroup in the Netherlands, he was the Top Stafford 1982 & 1983, did win the championshipshow from 1983 and won the Winnertitle in Amsterdam in 1981 & 1982 & 1983, Bruto was owned by mr. L.A.J. Prévot.

In 1985 the club has 300 members and publish because of their 10th anniversary a jubilee magazine something that has never has happened afterwards.

The nineties

It’s a sign on the wall when in one of the last issues of the clubmagazine of 1989 an advert is placed by Mrs. H. Maxwell from the Bullyhouse kennel presenting her importdog from the United Kingdom called Ch. Bethane Beau Brummell “George” . Were the eighties the decade of using own material the nineties were highly dominated by imported Staffordshire Bull Terriers, mostly dogs. The most famous being Multichampion Tenacious Just Kidding who was imported from South Africa where he was bred by Mr. Robert du Plooy and imported by Mr. J. Philipsen to the Netherlands. Tenacious Just Kidding “Boris”  at a young age came into the ownership of Mrs. Heather Maxwell who at first tried to sell him but not much later she decided to keep him, what a great decision this turned out to be. Boris turned out to be a true show stafford and a great representative for his breed, he did gain multi championtitles in several countries but his most memorable win will be the fact that he did win the terriergroup at the Worlddogshow in Brussels,...of course this is a great achievement but more then his showsuccess Boris changed the view of Staffordminded Holland as the most of the Staffords where more of the athelic type. Later mrs Maxwell also imported S.A. champion Tenacious Onest Oscar and a bitch called Ch. Tenacious Lady Madonna, this bitch gained her championtitle but was because of pyometra never bred from unlike her other South African siblings,.. who were used a lot in the Netherlands in fact throughout the whole of western Europe and their influence was big.

Some other kennels also started in importing dogs from South Africa also but none of them achieved the same level of influence. Untill the late nineties beginning of the new century where the Ringerike kennel, owned by Mr. L. Dusbaba imported some South African stock also. As stated before a lot of the Dutch Staffordshire fanciers had a view of their own in regard on how a Staffordshire Bull Terrier should like, and the appereance of dogs like Tenacious Just Kidding, but also dogs like Ch. Copper Stanley of Therna Staff’s (who although bred in the Netherlands had his roots by his parents in the U.K. sire: Eastaff Heiko dam: Vallon Sugar Barley at Ashstock) looked so much different in dutch view but where so much admired by foreign judges in and outside the Netherlands that they got a lot of followers,... people started to open their vision and learned that it might be possible that the opinion that the first breed standard was the best wasn’t the only good one. This made that the fanciers where more or less divided into two camps,... and

As humans are sometimes black and white in their thinking, the camps where called the showstaffords and the athletic type staffords. That within those camps there was a lot of hostility also that is also very sad to mention but seems to come along with human nature.

One of the foundermembers Mr. H.J. Burgwal (Bumo’s) who had served the club in different positions also stepped down as a chairman during the nineties and handed over the chairmanpost to Mrs. E.J. Weijenborg-Weggemans who stayed in function till 2008.

A new era – 2000 onwards,...

A new century,... established kennelnames disappear and news ones stood up, this happened and will happen now and in the future. The Staffordcommunity benefits from the new form of communication - internet one can’t imagine how live was before internet was avaiable,.. but there used to be a time like that,..
Communities were united in their believe what the right type of Staffordshire Bull Terrier was, but also nasty battles were fought (and will be fought long after the publication of this book, it’s human nature I guess)... but the great advantage of the internet was that it became easier to exchange showresults and get in contact with breeders around the globe but also with a click on a button one could have a look what kennels produced on the other side of the world,... it made the world smaller. Another fact that needs to be mentioned was the fact that the U.K. introduced the PET travel scheme which made it possible to exhibit in the U.K. and made it easier to get your bitch mated with U.K. dogs.
The earliest years of the decade where dominated mostly by off-spring of South African dogs,..for instance the Amsterdam Winner of 2001 the CAC dog was a direct descendant of Ch. Tenacious Onest Oscar, the res CC a grandson of this sire. The CAC bitch was a daughter of Ch. Tenacious Just Kidding and the res. CC bitch a granddaughter of him,..and the junior winner was a grandson of him,.... still the influence of this lines can be found but not so profound as is used to be. Slowly the Dutch make more and more efforts to travel abroad and use the studdogs that are known producers in the country where they live. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is still a very popular breed and beginning 2009 the Staffordshire Bull Terrier club has 602 paying members. The Club organises at least three annual events. One of them being the Nicolai Grishkov Trophy, in rememberenace of the late Nico Grishkov one of the founder members of the club. For this day CC and res CC winners are invited and it’s considered a big honour to be invited to this special day. Champions, junior champions and the clubwinner of the previous year are crowned by the club and the Top Stafford is announced. This era is has happend two times that a dog did become clubwinner and did win the Nicolai Grishkov Trophy and became Top Stafford, in 2002 it was Ch. Hot Staff’s Fellow at Staffjoy and in 2008 it was Ch. Boy Du Domaine du Frimarque. Allthough one would think out of this information that the dogs are of better overall quality that isn’t quite the case. The last decade the overall quality of the bitches can be considered better then of the dogs.
A bitch called Ch. Ringerike Pure Passion (owned by S. Van Rijn    ) is the only Staffordshire Bull Terrier who became Top Stafford two times (2005 and 2006) in a row and it’s also a bitch called Ch. Old Cross Guns I Salute You (bred and owned by Mr. P. & Mrs H. Bouter) who did write history by winning as being the first Dutch Staffordshire Bull Terrier to win a CC in Great Britain at WELKS in 2008, judge Mr. G. Early (Judeal).

The other two annual events are the Familyday, where fun and play is the main goal and of the championshipshow which used to be one of the biggest Staffordshire Bull Terrier events on the continent. The club publishes a quarterly magazine.

Besides the official Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club, the Dutch Kennelclub recognizes only one club, there are some very enthusiastic clubs around that give traininglesson, agility especially for Staffordshire Bull Terriers and others organise big events like f.e. Stafford Times which draws huge entries, mainly from people who normally don’t participated in showcircuit. Nowadays an entry of 40 entries at a FCI all breed show is an average as at the beginning of this centure 25 was considered a good entry.

 Entries at the Dutch Kennelclub









 The Netherlands also had his fair share of Breed Specific Legislation. It’s not really a characteristic of the Dutch to forbid things but in 1993 an act called the Regulation Agressive Dogs became effective and the Pit Bull Terrier was the first breed to be banned under this legislation. It’s due to heavy lobbying from various club commitee members at that time that breeds like the American Staffordshire Terrier and of course our own Staffordshire Bull Terrier weren’t included. In 2008 this act was withdrawn because of the fact that there wasn’t any scientific prove that would justify breed specific legislation! There that common Dutch sense.

Nowadays the Dutch Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club positively promotes the Staffordshire Bull Terrier as being a breed that is able to participates in agility and obedience and even excells in these fields. Also there is a strong tendency to promot DNA health testing and health issues in general are highlighted.

In this very short review on the breeds history in the Netherlands only a few kennels and Staffordshire Bull Terriers are mentioned,... this isn’t done on purpose it’s done out of courtesy to all those that contributed to establish the history of an unique breed in the Netherlands. It’s more easier to mention a lot of people but then the danger of leaving out those that should be mentioned is bigger then taking the effort of mentioning as much as possible with as few as names as possible The same goes for the dogs,... the champions are mentioned but at the end of the day they’re somebody's  pet also,.. and that make a Staffordshire Bull Terrier special its unique character as a companion, not that’s it’s a champion or great sire!

Bianca Janssen

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