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First of all we want to thank very much for visiting us and hope that you spent some time with us enjoying this website. Please allow us to introduce us to you. Our names are Henk & Bianca Janssen and since 1998 we're the proud owners of the Staffjoy's Prefix. We're seriously involved with Staffordshire Bull Terriers since 1997, when we purchased our first Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Brawny's Joey, bought as just a pet, he gave us so much love, affection and devotion that he started off something that we had never kept for being possible. Our lives changed since he came in our lives and the 24 hours we have every day are completely filled with Staffordshire Bull Terriers.  Because of Brawny's Joey we started showing our dogs, he was awarded a CAC/BOB at his/our first international dogshow, and we were bitten by the showbug,.... since then we campaigned Hot Staff's Fellow at Staffjoy's to his championtitles in the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany and his daughter Staffjoy's Doris Day to her German and Luxembourg championtitles, other champions we've bred are Ch. Staffjoy's Dashing Lad, Ch. Staffjoy's Collywobbles, Ch. Staffjoy's Gina Lollobrigida, Ch. Staffjoy's Guardian Spirit, US Ch. Staffjoy's Georgie Girl,  Ch. Staffjoy's Hot Pursuit, Ch. Staffjoy's Jump for Joy Jw'07 NJK'07, Ch. Staffjoy’s Renegade, Ch. Staffjoy’s Magnum PI and Ch. Staffjoy’s Titian Queen (Top Stafford the Netherlands 2011). Bibi as her petname is has obtained a studbooknumber in the UK.  We’ve also imported Staffordshire Bull Terriers and we like to mention Benlui's Dutch Dreamgirl, petname Dotty. Dotty is bred is Scotland by Martin and Ellen Drennan from the Benlui Kennel, she became a Dutch junior champion and Dutch champion and Multi Champion Highbourne Bureaucracy petname Lewis. Lewis is bred by Craig and Jude Frazer from the wellknown topkennel Highbourne in Australia whom we’ll always be gratefull for introducing such a wonderfull personality on four legs in our lives. Lewis has gained the Australian, Luxembourgh, VDH and Dutch Champion and has obtained an UK studbooknumber.
At the moment we're campaigning two wonderfull (in- and outside) girls, Angelic Staff's Kiss Me Kiwi and Earthquake Staff's Icehot who both have a bit of Staffjoy's in their pedigree,...


As we wanted to get more knowledge about dogs in general, Bianca started studying and nowadays she's a confirmed international FCI Championship Show judge for Staffordshire Bull Terriers. So far she has judged in the Netherlands (amongst the Dutch shows is the Amsterdam Winner), Belgium (Brussels Winner), South Africa, France, Poland, Germany (Bundessieger), Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Czech Republic and the United States.  Bianca has judged in the  United Kingdom at championshipshow level. We feel honoured that the English Kennelclub has given her approval.


Bianca is serving the Dutch Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club as secretary and as editor of the clubmagazine. 
And involved with organising the first couple of International Stafford Matches.


We occasionally breed a litter. In our breeding our first aim is healthy, sounds and solid characters or as the standards describes: Bold, fearless and totally reliable without doing concessions to the looks. But foremost we enjoy our Staffies as being our companions.  Almost the whole web-site is still in the Dutch language, we'll do our best to  update this English section but photo's and pedigrees don't need much words so we hope a visit to this web-site is worthwile anyway,.... If you require any information please to feel free to contact us,... we gladly answer any questions you may have.

Yours in Staffords,
Henk and Bianca Janssen














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